About Our Organization

S.C.O.R., which stands for "Specialized Coronary Outpatient Rehabilitation," was founded 1974 by Randy Ice, P.T., C.C.S.  We are an incorporated, non-profit recreational bicycling club which encourages bicycling as form of rehabilitative therapy after heart attack, coronary bypass surgery, angioplasty, stents, valve replacement, congestive heart failure or other forms of heart disease.


SCOR members promote safe cycling and emphasize the heath benefits of cycling and related activities. Members sponsor and volunteer at the Solvang Century, Metric and Half Century bike rides. The money we raise from these rides supports Camp Bon Couer, Camp del Corazon and  Camp Taylor. These are camps for children with unusually severe congenital heart disease who for the first time in their life get to experience summer camping activities in a medically supervised environment with their peers.  SCOR has been sponsoring these camps for over 33 years. Our current headquarters is located in Whittier, California. To learn more about becoming a member of SCOR, please call 1 800 548 4447, or visit our website at WWW.SCORCCC.COM


Over the years, we have always emphasized bicycle safety (we were one of the first rides to make helmets mandatory). In fact, our accident rate of one injury per 182,500 person-miles ridden in the last 36 years is lower than the accident rate training where you live, suggesting that you as a rider are safer in our rides despite the number of participants.


The money SCOR has raised has funded four Team SCOR’s in the Race Across America relay division, Make A Wish Foundation, the American Diabetes Association, the AXA World Team Ride and the three children’s congenital heart disease summer camps listed above.

Cyclists Services

Randy Ice, P.T. C.C.S. has many years of experience working with cyclists of all abilities from novice to competitive CAT 1 and RAAM racers. He founded SCOR Cardiac Cyclists Club in 1974 to meet the endurance exercise needs of people with cardiovascular disease. In the early 1980's, Randy began testing and training ultramarathon cyclists for RAAM and currently serves as medical consultant and is the Director of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation at Rancho Physical Therapy and Clinical Coordinator at Vintage Medical Group, a bioidentical hormone replacement clinic. He has written extensively on nutrition, biomechanics and training. Randy is a graduate of USC and is a certified Cardiopulmonary Specialist. He began his cycling injury and analysis program in 1984 out of a need in the cycling community and as a personal interest.


Pro Bike Fit

A bio-mechanically based fitting of the cyclist with his/her bike for the purpose of preventing or correcting overuse injury, optimizing power output and or determining optimal frame size.  For those in pain while riding (neck, back, knee, feet etc.) and in depth evaluation will be performed to determine anatomical, bio-mechanical and or bicycle-related causes:


Recommendations and corrections may include:


  • Bike fit modifications to achieve correct ergonomic position or to accommodate special orthopedic conditions,
  • Fabrication of cycling shoe orthotics if needed
  • Kneesavers to correct Q Factor issues
  • Shoe and/or cleat buildup for leg length differences
  • How to achieve greater flexibility for tight cycling muscles (hamstring, lumbar paraspinals, etc.)


Time required: 60 - 90 minutes $195

Call (800) 548-4447 for any questions or to set up an appointment.

Our Pro Bike Fitting service is mobile and can come to your work or home.


Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement


One of our sponsors, the Vintage Medical Group has been a pioneer in the establishment of a bio-identical hormone replacement clinic for over 18 years.


It is now well-documented that bio-identical hormone replacement in aging men and women can have tremendous health benefits, improve cycling performance as well as recovery from training, improve muscle strength, reduce the risk of  many diseases, increase bone density as well as improve libido, energy and sense of well being in a safe manner.


Vintage has helped over 800 clients achieve these results and can do the same for you. Our website is:



For any questions you may have, or to schedule and appointment, call (760) 468-4718.



March 09, 2019